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G7 Multi-Gas Detector

The world’s most capable, customizable and connected multi-gas detector.

We know your teams face an array of potential hazards daily, and that your priority is to protect them while ensuring your business remains strong. G7 multi-gas detectors monitor for up to five gases while delivering real-time visibility of workers’ safety, including their current alert status. With integrated cellular and optional satellite connectivity, cloud-hosted device configuration and alert management tools give you ultimate control of your fleet, while the devices operate just like the traditional gas monitors you’re used to. Turn on your G7 device and in minutes, your team is ready to get the job done and return home safe each day.

Key benefits

  • • Gain real-time visibility of workers’ safety, including their location-stamped alert status, from any internet-connected device

  • • Identify how, when and where G7 multi-gas detectors are being used to understand worker behavior and optimize device utilization

  • • Attain insight into all incidents and gas detection compliance status in real time knowing when and where they occurred

  • • Deploy instant responses following your customized emergency response protocol using Blackline’s professional 24/7 live monitoring services

  • • Safely and efficiently initiate evacuations for specific groups or entire sites with customized mass notification text messages to individuals’ G7 devices or using push-to-talk functionality, directing them to specific muster points

  • • Save hundreds of thousands of dollars with evacuation management tools and post-event data analyses by optimizing drills

  • • Leverage data analytics to predict future incident risks and plan mitigations

  • • Save thousands of dollars with automated, over-the-air firmware and configuration updates, eliminating the need for manual device and data collection

  • • Get connected in seconds via the device’s integrated cellular connectivity without any expensive intrinsically safe smartphones, apps, hidden subscription costs or added infrastructure

  • • Achieve connectivity in even the most remote locations and in areas where cellular networks are overwhelmed with optional satellite functionality

  • • Ensure maximum worker protection with automated safety incident and health event monitoring, including no-motion and fall detection

G7 cartridges right quad-gas

Ready for today, and tomorrow

Prepared for anything. That’s what your G7 multi-gas detectors will leave you feeling. It keeps up with the rapid pace of your business, scaling over time to meet your needs, while protecting your people today, ensuring they can return home safely to their families at the end of every shift.

Should you change sites frequently or notice the environmental hazards of your facility are changing, update your G7 gas sensors to address your evolving needs. Simply swap out your existing multi-gas sensor cartridge for a new one with sensors suited to the environment. They’re even hot-swappable, so they can be changed on the job or while in transit to a new incident site.

Power up your operation

Need to keep your G7 Multi-Gas Detector with pump running around the clock? Check out our intrinsically safe, hot-swappable G7 PowerPack to support long-term intensive projects like shutdowns and turnarounds.

Gas Detection powerpack battery

About G7

All of our devices integrate seamlessly within the rest of our connected ecosystem, delivering an array of industry-leading tools and services to help keep your teams safe and amplify your productivity.

G7c multi-gas detector


Cellular Connectivity

With integrated cell connectivity, G7c automatically watches over employees and lone workers, instantly linking them to Blackline Live. Workers can take comfort knowing they can communicate with monitoring personnel or control room staff in real-time using the exclusive two-way speakerphone. And since it's intrinsically safe, there's no need to purchase or carry an additional, expensive cell phone. G7c delivers simple, robust connectivity to account for the wellbeing of workers across all industries — without ever having to manually configure a network.

G7x Multi-gas detector


Satellite Connectivity

Our G7x system leverages satellite connectivity to wirelessly link your workers to the Blackline Cloud via the robust Iridium satellite network, wherever they may be working. Users can communicate with monitoring or control room personnel via two-way text messaging to account for their safety or communicate critical situational insights during an incident. Consisting of our G7x wearable monitor and G7 Bridge portable Iridium satellite uplink unit, the G7x system ensures the wellbeing of your teams is always accounted for — even in the most remote or offshore locations.

*Only available in North America, Australia, New Zealand and South America (Excluding Brazil).

Your Equipment, Your Way

Blackline Rental Program

Whether you have a short-term project or want to try before you buy, our rental program has fast and flexible solutions to support your diverse safety needs.

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